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April 14, the Day God the Utterly Indifferent Came to Earth
By Damian W. Du Charme

There’s something that needs to be understood before all of… this ends. It was all within your ability to prevent. You see I didn’t create him, but his ancestor. Like all sentient beings of the universes, I began them as nothing more than an atom. Those that were skilled enough to become a something did. After this planet’s hive control had been released life among you so called humans became crass. He was the only one that really mattered when it came to the sense of this planet’s safety. Residing deep in his subconscious is a metaphysical connection to all life on his planet. That’s why all life here is carbon based, and come from a singular cell. His family, the celestials of Earth, died through the ages and eventually left him to be the last of his bloodline. Sure he has children, but only the select can continue the life of Earth. Just not without him.

The teachings of control had long been forgotten, mostly because of a lack of those able to teach. Many members of his ancestors left the planet, only to never return. This forced nature to implement a crash course on how to keep the planet in balance. The only time he lived in true balance was while in love, and his love with you is the greatest of any. That kept his planet in harmonious balance, bliss.

Let’s put this into perspective… Every natural disaster in history was caused by his bloodline. Somebody in his family caused Pompeii to erupt, another set forth the Aleppo earthquake, and before his birth his grandfather put China through the earthquake of Tangshan. When he was only two he slipped and hit his head on a stone fireplace, Nevado del Ruiz erupts. You see where I’m going with this? Whether it was an accident or purposely controlled it is they who initiate natural selection. Whenever something does happen, it’s to beat down the ever-growing population. Each celestial can only create and maintain enough resources to allow life to continue. The rate that humans use these resources is why he was often left feeling drained, or angry. He’s spent the majority of his 30 some years not knowing what he was. There was no crash course for him; it all hit him at once.

As his mind collapsed into the sudden realization of what he is, he became flooded with an uncontrollable rage. This has happened to all celestials forced. It was then, during his collapse that you were needed most. If only to just hold him and settle his rattled conscious. The feeling of love is his only cure. Love from his family. Love from his beloved. Instead he was karmic-ally gifted abandonment, and yes he did deserve it. He would likely agree it was a long time coming. Yet, none of that changes the lesson he learned, or the intense need he has for you… does it? As the observer and creator of the infinite sea of universes, I can say your specific life form is the most compassionate. More is based on the emotions you feel than was originally thought of as “sane”, but have proven time & again that you can change lives, let alone the world through emotions. Whether or not it’s believed or understood by all, the Y chromosome gender dominates and more or less controls your species now. It’s no wonder so many are trying to “switch sides”. Most don’t grasp that your soul, as it were, has no gender, let alone a use for such a troublesome piece of anatomy.

Now, however, I am here designing myself into a form hopefully understandable enough for you to stop and take a long moment to consider the facts of life. What is important? Can you see his love? Have you paid heed to the lessons he’s learned? Never doubt he has. A real problem is that it may be to late for him regardless. Could be that his feeling is this being the only completion of the lesson. How does that make you feel? Are you prepared for the responsibility of ensuring the continuation and safety of life on Earth? It is much easier to give up than to keep on. If you haven’t lost all hope, if you haven’t given up on him and feel that love… don’t. You’re both going to need it. There will always be difficulties; true love is the power to over come these obstacles of life. Stay strong. Especially for him now, because it is now he needs you most. Do you not hear him howling for you?

He feels that an apocalypse is the only thing that will make you reconsider. He has always had a love of volcanoes, never knowing that was part of his power connection as a Capricorn, a violent mixture of magma and water being able to create earth, his main element. That is why he is heading for the closest volcano, Rainer. If that volcano goes, it will start a chain reaction to every active & non-active volcano on his planet. A complete restart, 99% total extinction. The only thing that will survive is the bacterium formed by the first celestial, the immune system of all living things to his planet.

Your choice matters not to me, I only wanted to convey the options you have. I will now leave this universe, leave you to your choice. This is where it will either all fall apart, or root into the strongest love that can never be broken. No matter the test. Choose wisely… choose continuing… choose being his savior.

He has already chosen to be yours.

April 15


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