Thursday, February 6, 2020


By Charlotte Ozment

I don't know what it was I loved about you,
we weren't even comprised
of the same sub-atomic material.
But it is a proven fact
that love doesn’t always follow the rules.

Our physicalities would never meet,
our existence based on different minerals and wavelengths,
contrary bio-chemistries through and throughout.

And we should never have found each other.
But a thought, rooted, fruited
and shot out into space to find a happy medium
will sometimes blossom into a whole ‘nother animal.

My family was on its way to K2-72 e,
sleep a requirement for travel
to keep the years unchanged.

The cloud that enveloped our vessel,
some type of comet debris I determined at first inspection,
triggered the robo-tenders to awaken me,
my shift and its required parameters already assigned.

Soon after, the ship's sensors scanned and identified
the seed of an unknown variety
which had settled into one of the myriad corners
embedded between fuselage
that just happened to be adjacent to my cryo-pod.

When I reached out to touch the membrane separating it and I,
my life, as my species understood it, changed.
Realms were leapt across, particles re-aligned,
becoming charged and self-organized, altered to blend.

And the beginning of this cosmic Romeo and Juliet tale was spun,
inward towards microcosmic stars bursting with condensed gases,
a romance steeped in space-myth, born.

From first contact our nervous systems
created a disparate daughter-verse
containing an entire life of meeting and touching,
building a home on first soil met,
children of a different sort
bred and released into actuality,
all persisting through a dream shared by two entities
that never should have coincided in principal at all,
who loved against predictable odds and proved
that flawed physics could never survive cherished destinies.

- - -
Charlotte Ozment is a retired bureaucratic worker-bee whose work has been published in many unique publications such as “Aphelion”, “Gyroscope Review”, “Mad Swirl”, “Quail Bell”, “Star*Line”, and “Shoreline of Infinity”.

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