Thursday, May 26, 2016


Minnesota Iceman
By Richard Stevenson

File under Famous Fakes –
Homo pongoides, indeed!
Sanderson and Heuvelmans,
Famous cryptozoologists, goofed!

Yep. It’s just another rubber prop
under ice. Modelled on
the real deal – a Neanderthal
dragged back from Viet Nam
in a body bag, no less!

“A sucker is born every minute,”
the owner likes to quote
P.T. Barnum in an icy aside.
Humans, what are we gonna do
with them? Ol’ rubber lips will be
on the rubber chicken circuit next.

- - -
I’m a well-published Canadian poet ( 30 books, counting one forthcoming), three of which concern cryptids, ETs, ghosts, and unexplained phenomena: Why Were All The Werewolves Men? (Thistledown Press, 1994), Nothing Definite Yeti (Ekstasis Editions, 1999), and Take Me To Your Leader! (Bayeux Arts Inc., 2003). Initially, I was going to try to write five or six more poems to replace the weak sisters in a new and selected monster poems collection, Bigfoot Boogie, but I`m up to 67 of the suckers now, hence a fifth volume, Cryptid Shindig.

I`ve just retired from a thirty-year English, Creative Writing teaching gig at Lethbridge College and am now having a blast writing full-time. After several collections of haikai poetry, it`s nice to get back to light verse and longer things.


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