Thursday, October 18, 2012


But, Worth the Journey
By Acquanetta M. Sproule

Lost child. Lost child. Found.
Taken Dimensions apart.
Raised Here. Raised There. Loved.

Named Mik. Named Atten.
Each unknown to the other.
Content, at least. For now.

Atten, child of Space.
Star hopping for fun and gain.
Home is a fast ship.

Mik, child of Magic.
Apprenticed to the Masters.
Home is The Great World.

Mik. Grown. Atten. Grown.
Adequately surviving.
Content. At least, for now…

Mik reveres the Fates.
Controlled Knowledge is Power.
Power is Freedom.

Atten taunts the Fates.
To help stave off Their boredom.
Someone must do it.

Soon, Journeyman Mik?
Final test…Astrally Project,
away from Great World.

For 'grins and giggles,'
Atten returns to Found Place.
Hangs around awhile.

Mik steps out and drifts.
Drawn from destination.
Drawn back to Found Place.

Mik incorporates.
"This form feels familiar."
Atten is…surprised…

Mik. Atten. Now One.
Each now known to the Other.
Mik/Atten. Now One.

Lost Child. Found Child. Mik.
Trailed by amused Monitor,
"Stay or Come. You Choose."

What is best for both?
Should Mage or Maverick lead?
Which can follow best?

My way? Your way? No…
We are much too much alike.
We'd hate each other.

Atten. Mik. Once more.
A fast ship. The Great World. Home .
Freedom, is preferred…

Found kin. Found friend. Lost.
Accepting the apartness.
Alone? Yes…but Loved.

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