Thursday, September 18, 2014


Sonic Boom Pencil Lead
By David S. Pointer

Retrofuturistic word stockings over her tan ankles onto my imagination’s burning wall

Retro-futuristic word syrup hand-dipped in sadistic insanity chocolates withheld

Retro-futuristic word rot tossed like animal parts out to the poem’s edge

Retro-futuristic word-list wanted posters for the ventriloquist’s humantriliquest in linguistics class pairing off with containment field dictionaries

Retro-futuristic word-stick ponies to gallop into the hundred year trance aboard a writer’s desk not yet built to burn down with midnight oil

Retro-futuristic word-kisses for all the blessed creative flock classmates trying to birth tough, magical poems into airship balloons

Retro-futuristic techno-talk between teachers, students and the entire fellow- traveler-world to include the last blade of elephant grass elsewhere

Retro-futuristic smoke signals uploaded into multimedia lab special space probe extravaganza

Retro-futuristic word-mystic reporting for outpost duties telepathized or stated clearly on assignment into implanted memory obscurity

- - -
David has been writing for almost 25 years.

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